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Monday, December 6, 2010

Brainpicking Children's Author Karen Rankin

Karen Rankin is a Toronto teacher and writer of children's stories. She writes for CM ( and is currently working on a young adult novel, Stepping Into Traffic. Delve into Karen's writer-brain here.

Best time and place to write:
Anytime in front of a computer, but I'm happy with a napkin in a coffee shop, too.

Author you wish you had for a high school English teacher:
At the time, Margaret Lawrence. Now: Rohinton Mistry.

Favourite background noise for writing:

Views on flossing:
Deeply religious.

Grammar pet peeve:
None, really. I’ve read too many wonderful stories written by people for whom English is a second, third or fourth language. I can’t get peeved.

Biggest obstacle to getting the writing done:

Favourite writing tool:
Computer, but I'm ashamed. It comes more easily when I use a pen, but I'm too lazy to transcribe.

Literary character you'd like to have for dinner:
Dawsey Adams. I was sorry when the (epistolary) novel The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (M. A. Shaffer and A. Barrows) ended. I wanted to stay in touch with the characters, especially Dawsey.

Alternate universe you'd like to visit:
Occasionally I wish to be "beamed up", not that I really want to go anywhere else, I just get fed up with being here.

Thoughts on aliens:

Depends on where they're from. If they're the same kind of aliens as me, then I believe in them.

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  1. Get that novel out there, Karen Rankin! It's fabulous!