Sarah Raymond is a writer and artist from Toronto, Ontario. Her young adult novel, Signs of Martha, comes out in spring 2011 with Great Plains Publications. Scroll on down for musings on writing, art and other perils of domestic life. Homemade drawings included.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Craft Supply Lust

Gotta cut back on sewing beasts, I'd been thinking. Too distracting. Too labour-intensive. Too ... well, goofy.

Then my good neighbour Jocelyn pranced over with a score from Value Village: a heap of candy-coloured embroidery floss, just for me. A few days later, an art teacher gifted me old buttons to die for. And worst of all--she gave me a sumptuous mohair jacket, too. It's furry even. Yellow. (See photo.) For some reason, wool items in good yellows are rare. I covet them.

I sorted floss and buttons. After a speedy laundering, I chopped up the jacket into ready pieces for sewing new beasts. I'm so done for.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nice, uh, Vegetable Garden You've Got There

Look what the Ontario Science Centre grew this year!

The harvest will be back-breaking, and oh, the canning and preserving! Does anyone have Mason jars we can offer them? Come on. Let's all roll up our sleeves and help these poor, overburdened farmers.

Talk about biting off more than you can chew ....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Latest Read: I am the Messenger

I love Markus Zusak's sentences. His paragraphs, too.



I am the Messager is a young adult novel I enjoyed even as a middle-aged adult. Ed, 20-ish year old cab driver, receives playing cards. Aces. With hand-written names of people he is chosen to rescue, whether from fully loaded oppression or from lack of icecream.

Ed is great but his dog Doorman is spectacular. Doorman drinks coffee and stinks. He's the opposite of Audrey, Ed's female objet de longing. You're supposed to read the novel to find out who sends Ed the messages. I read on to find out whether Ed and Audrey unite. He's a self-professed sexual midget after all. Go ahead. Find out for yourself. The novel was published by Knopf in 2002 and has a big silver stamp of approval on the cover.

I'm aching to post the book's cover image but new concerns about copyright infringement are holding me back. Instead, here's an illustration of me chirping book recommendations to you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mystery Vegetables

Guess what kind of vegetables these are. No, really. Guess.

Not melons.

Not bald kiwis.

Give up?

They're lemon cucumbers. Lemony in shape, and cucumbery in other qualities. And you never have to deal with English cucumber leftovers. They're just the right size for a salad.

Lemon cukes are growing in my backyard garden, lovingly tended by the Young Urban Farmers. Given the cucumber-growing protagonist in my novel, I have a tender spot for these vegetables. She tries to ditch her dirty drudgery--crazy girl. Who could leave behind these summery-cool, crispy vegetables?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freedom Clothing Collective Delivery

I made a bunch of drawings and took them to Freedom Clothing Collective on Monday. Drawings as products, I figure, housed in retail-style packaging. I also brought in beasts now up for adoption and made from upcycled materials. The owners were great and friendly, and cooed happily over their new pieces. The store shows work from independent designers who like re-use materials.