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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Comfort Doll

On the sidewalk last year, my neighbour told me about comfort dolls--small dolls you make and send to ICROSS in B.C. The organization sends the dolls as packaging for donated medical supplies and also for gifts for kids in countries ravaged my war and poverty.

Most dolls are knitted. I wanted to make a doll, but knitting makes me so sleepy and frustrated because the job never seems to end. So I designed a pattern for a sewn, hand-embroidered doll. This girlie is made from upcycled, wool sweaters and Ecofill. I made about half a dozen. Time to kiss this baby goodbye.


  1. What a great idea for packaging - rather than using something that'll be wasted or thrown away at the other end! I'm not sure where "B.C." is (British Columbia?), but the medical school where I work often sends medical supplies, and sometimes medical people, to places in need of them. I'll have to find out who to talk to about doing something like this. There are lots of crafty people at the university who I'm sure would love to be involved.

  2. Yes, B.C. is British Columbia. Their mailing address is: ICROSS CANADA
    PO Box 3
    Saanichton, B.C. Canada
    V8M 2C3
    and the website is

    Let me know if you round up some crafty doll makers. I'd love to hear about it.